Playlist #001: Jen Monroe at The Lot Radio


Among fellow music obsessives, Jen is known for her blog Listen To This!, a site dedicated to New Age, Japanese pop, and ambient music. She is also the literal tastemaker behind Bad Taste, a food-based exploration of our sociocultural fabric, manifested most arrestingly in an ongoing series of monochromatic "color dinners."

As an artist, DJ, and chef, Jen's work is playful, thorough, and definitively sensual. We are lucky to have her as our first guest on Playhouse. Jen lives and works in Brooklyn.

In Jen's own words:

I put together a collection of songs that to me, feel very “cool”—songs that make you bob your head but aren’t necessarily dance tracks. Some funk, some light house, a little mysterious. Songs that make me wish I had a convertible. Songs that feel like they would be really good credit reel tracks. I think the theme “cool songs” is actually very funny.

Daniel Small